Choosing Between TMS Therapy and Ketamine? Here’s What You Should Know

Treating depression can be as challenging as living with it. For some individuals, an antidepressant medication helps them manage their symptoms without significant side effects. However, for others, these medications are not enough to treat mental health conditions that are often resistant to conventional treatments. Different people respond differently to various types of depression or… Continue reading Choosing Between TMS Therapy and Ketamine? Here’s What You Should Know

What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing (MI), developed by psychologist William R. Miller and further improved by Miller and Stephen Rollnick, is a short-term, empathetic counseling technique designed to assist individuals in overcoming ambivalent feelings and insecurities to uncover their inner motivation for behavior change. This practical approach acknowledges the challenge of making life changes and draws on Carl… Continue reading What is Motivational Interviewing?

Dentophobia: How to Cope with a Fear of Dentists

Female dentist doctor greeting patient sitting in dentist chair, turning lamp on, copy space

Having anxiety around going to the dentist is extremely common; hardly anyone finds going to the dentist exciting or comfortable. Some people struggle with a more severe fear around going to the dentist — this is known as dentophobia, or odontophobia. Related to iatrophobia (a fear of doctors) and trypanophobia (a fear of needles), dentophobia is common… Continue reading Dentophobia: How to Cope with a Fear of Dentists

Ketamine: New Promising Anxiety Treatment

Intensive therapy with intravenous drugs in iv Drip

It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that 6.8 million adults in the US are affected by generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Additionally, a recent CNBC report highlights a 25% increase in the sales of books related to anxiety at Barnes & Noble between 2017 and 2018. These statistics… Continue reading Ketamine: New Promising Anxiety Treatment


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